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Hold 1

1159 Ny årsdans 4/9-2017
4 In the Morning ny 25/9-2017
An't Misbehaven
Amame (Ny/gammel) 4/9-2017 
Black Coffee
Blackpool by the Sea 
Blue note
The Bomp
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Bored Ny 20/11-2017
Chill Factor
Dance with me tonight
Dancing in the Rain
Down on Your Uppes Ny 19/3-2018
Dig Your Heels Ny 29/1-2018
Early in the Morning Ny Årsdans 25/9-2017
The Everly Medley
Everytime she Walks by  Ny årsdans 20/11-2017 
Far from the Charts
Feel like Crying
The Flute
For evigt 
Forget-me-not Ny 13/11-2017
Funky Sole Ny 11/9-2017
Galway Girl
Green Door
High Cotton
I will follow him Ny 6/11-2017
J'ai du Boogie
Jesse James
La Luna
Liquid Lunch
Locklins Bar
Lonely Drum Ny årsdans 11/9-2017
Mariana Mambo 
Melodia Ny 30/10-2017
No Panic Ny 12/3 218
Old 97
Patsy Fagon
Perfect ny 8/1-2018
Picnic Polka 
Red Hot Salsa         
Ride away ny 22/1-2018
Rock'n Roll King
The Most Beautyful Girl NY/Årsdans 18/9-2017 
Sinatra & Chardonnay
Slow Hands Ny 19/2-2018
Slowly - Despasito 
So Just Dance 
Southern Thing Ny 27/11-2017
Splish Splash
Take me to the River Ny 18/9-2017 
That Love Ny 4/12-2017
Vegas Baby Ny 4/9-2017
Who did you call Darling 
Hold 2

4 5 6 Waltz
1159 Ny Årsdans 11/9-2017
A 1000 Years or more 
Big Blue Note
Blackpool by the Sea
Boom Boom a Bang Ny 27/11-2017
The Bomp 
Bored ny 8/1-2017
A Complete  Chance Ny 4/12-2017  
Den allesidste dans
Down at Your Uppers Ny 12/3-2018
Be there in Your Morning Ny 25/9-2017
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
The Bomp
Come Dance with me
Country as can be
Don't say Godbye
Early in the morning Ny Årsdans 18/9-2017
Fall in Love 
For  evigt 
Good Day to Run 
Heyday Ny 13/11-2017
Irish Stew
Just a Memory
Little Girl ny 20/11-2017 
Little Sofia Ny 19/2-2018
Lord help me
Lonely Drum Ny årsdance 30/10-2017
Never tired of it Ny 5/2-2018
The Most Beautiful Girl Ny Årsdans 23/10-2017
The Musicman
New Country Cha ny 22/10-2017
Old 97 ny 12/2-2018
Out of Sight NY 22/1-2018
Ride away ny 22/1-2017 
Something in the Water
She's out of Sight  Ny 29/1-2018
Slowly-Despacido Ny 4/9-2017
Sweet sweet Smile
Ticket to the Blue
Until the Dawn 
Who did You call Darling  Ny 19/2-2018
Young at Heart Ny 12/3-2018 
Hold 3

1159 Ny Årsdans 7/9-2017
4 in the Morning 21/9-2017
All keyed up 
All the KIngs Horses Ny 11/1-2018        
Amame ny 7/9-2017
Better Times  
Big Blue Tree
Black Coffee
Blackpool by the Sea
Blue Note
The Bomp
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Bored ny 28/9-2017
Bosa Nova
Could've Been The Whiskey Ny 7/12-2017
Dancing in the Dark
Dancing in the Rain
Dancing Floor
Dig Your Heels Ny 22/2-2018
Dream Lover
Early in the Morning Ny Årsdans 18/1-2018
The Everly Medley
Every Time she Walks by Ny Årsdance 2/11-2017
Feel like Dancing  
Forget-me-not Ny 23/11-2017
Funky-Sole Ny 28/9-2017
Green Door
I Will follow him Ny 9/11-2017
J'ai du Boogie
La Luna
Liquid Lunch
Locklins Bar 
Lonely Drum Ny årsdans 14/9-2017
Ma kita
Mariana Mambo 
Miller Magic
The most Beautiful Girl Ny årsdans 21/9-2017 
Old 97
Open Book
Picnic Polka
Ride Away Ny 18/1-2018
Rock'n Roll King
She's out of Sight  Ny 1/2-2018
Slow Hands Y 1/3*2018
Slowly-Despasito Ny 7/9 -2017
So Just Dance 
Southern Thing Ny 4/1-2018
Splish Splash
Stitch it up 
take me to the River 
That Love Ny 3/11-2017
Vegas Baby Ny 14/9-2017
Well do Ya
Who did you Call Darling 

Hold 4
1159 ny 25/1-2018
4 5 6 Waltz
A 1000 Years or more 
Ah Si
Den allersidste dans 
Big Blue Note
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Boom Boom a Bang Ny 7/12-2017
Come Dance with me 
Country as can Be
Despacito Baby Ny 7/9-2017
Don't say Goodbye
Easily Bored ny 11/1-2018
Every body can Rumba
The Freeze
Good day to Run
Jenny's Cha  Ny 16/11-2017
Lindy Shuffle
Little Kiss me Honey
Little Rumba
Little Sofia Ny 1/3-2018
Lonely Drum Ny årsdans 18/1-2018
Mama Maria 
Mini Mariana
My Girl Sally
New Country Cha ny 30/11-2017
Pretty Belinda ny 22/2-2018
Shakin Mix 
She's out of Sight  Ny 1/2-2018
Skiff a Billy
Stroll along 
Until the Down 

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12.03 | 16:07

Jeg kan se at jeg ikke er nævnt som betaler,har inkdbetalt den 9/3 165 kr
Min konto er 3307 4030335588
Med venlig hilsen Gitte

03.03 | 12:01

Hej Jette og Bent
jeg fik ikke tilmeldt mig til generalforsamlingen på mandag d 9/3 så hvis det stadig kan nå`s vil jeg gerne komme hilsen Lis W

16.09 | 14:58

Kære AIF
Skal man tilmelde sig jeres CD fest på fredag eller kan man bare møde op og betale ved indgangen. Jeg ved nemlig først fredag om jeg kan komme.

13.09 | 09:43

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